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Un thread intéressant sur le point de vu (d’un) finlandais.

La Finlande, pour rappel, est dans la même position que l’Ukraine : un ancien territoire de la russie impériale, très chère à Poutine, qui a gagnée son indépendance après la chute de la russie en 1917, exactement comme l’Ukraine après la chute de l’URSS, et qui est devenue une démocratie. Or c’est la démocratie qui fait peur à Poutine :

The most powerful nuclear weapon states in the world really do not fear an attack by other nation states. But what frightens Putin and his band of kleptocrats is the very real possibility that the Russian people decide to get rid of him.
Democratic, successful countries bordering European Russia are a menace to him personally. They show the Russians an alternative, and can serve as sanctuaries for dissidents that Putin would like to invite for a tea by the window.
This is the reason why Putin is doing his best to undermine the European Union, for instance. He cynically supports the European and American far right, up to and including support from clandestine intelligence services and financial assistance.

L’OTAN et le fait que plein de petits états de l’ex URSS veulent l’intégrer n’est qu’une excuse pour Poutine, mais n’est pas la raison :

Do you really believe that people in countries like the Baltics are evil warmongers who just want to have a go at the Russians? Or that they are duped by some ominous NATO cabal planning to subjugate the Russians?
Or would a more plausible explanation be that people in countries bordering Russia are genuinely concerned that resurgent Kremlin could do precisely something like they have been doing in Georgia and in Ukraine?