The Bullshit Web — Pixel Envy

À lire, pour ceux qui font des sites web.

Given the assumption that any additional bandwidth offered to web developers will immediately be consumed, there seems to be just one possible solution, which is to reduce the amount of bytes that are transmitted. For some bizarre reason, this hasn’t happened on the main web, because it somehow makes more sense to create an exact copy of every page on their site that is expressly designed for speed. Welcome back, WAP — except, for some reason, this mobile-centric copy is entirely dependent on yet more bytes. This is the dumbfoundingly dumb premise of AMP.

Haha, oui, c’est totalement ça : AMP, le truc de Google pour pister tout le mo… accélérer les pages web, c’est :
– 80 ko de JS
– pour afficher du HTML
– dans une mise en page minimale et moche

(Là où juste du HTML et ~15 lignes de CSS suffisent pour faire quelque chose de joli).