Note : @AirDroidTeam .

Ok, now I’m sick of this.

A few months ago, you started reject my perfectly working web-browser because it’s not Chrome.

Today, I want to open it (after several weeks without using it).

First problem : the IP address of my device is not displayed. WTF?
I went to Android's settings and to fetch the local IP myself.

Then I have to recall by myself what that f|_|(k1n9 IP-port it was that you use (8888 in it’s default configuration — at least this one is easy to remember).

And second problem :
I know It’s free and money is needed, blah blah, but this here is EXACTLY why ad-blockers were created and are now popular as hell.

I’ve had enough.

As always, what began as a marvelous app, very handful and easy to use, has now become a bugged pile of shit and ads.

I don’t want this crap on my phone anymore.