Engraved wooden music box Harry Potter - Theme – Invenio Crafts


J’avais trouvé cette boutique en septembre et j’avais commandé deux boîtes à musiques début octobre. Quatre mois après, je n’en ai reçu qu’un seul (et encore, après un renvoi car les colis initiaux ont été perdus). Donc 3/4 des paquets ont été perdus (ou jamais envoyés, ça je ne sais pas).

Voici ma review en tout cas :

I october ago I ordered two music boxes. I never received them.

Six weeks later, I contacted this shop (per email) and they found out that there was a problem. Two new boxes were send, they said.
I only received one (in december). The second is still totally missing and now (we are mid-january) they do not responds to my emails anymore.

The one music box I received is absolutely worth the price, but their shipping method is totally out of hand and — very sadly — there is definitely something wrong here.