Petite leçon d’éducation civique par les supporters japonais. - image - 503x651px

« Why Japanese fans were cleaning up after the game // In case you haven't been on the internet the last 24 hours, you haven't seen this viral photo of Japanese fans cleaning up after the World Cup game of their team yesterday.

If you wonder why they did that, Yuko Shimizu writes: "In schools in Japan, there are no designated adults who are paid to clean schools. From the day you enter the first grade in elementary school, students clean their classrooms and hallways themselves, every day, after lunch.

Parents are told to supply kids with cleaning cloths (which you make out of old towels and clothes) on the first day of school.The first time I didn't have to clean school was when I entered college.

I think this explains why Japanese are known as some of the tidiest in the world. And, when kids clean their own classroom, there is naturally less vandalization of schools, and kids grow up to take good care of things they use.

There are a lot of things I don't love about Japan, but this is something school systems in other countries should adopt."

Now think about how you (including myself) treated our schools as children... :)