I Am Not My User. Equating | by Sarah Cupples | Feb, 2021 | Prototypr

You are not your user, so you need to get to know them.

Actually, I am.

And I’m goddam happy for it to that way. It took me about 10 years, but I finally use my own tools every-time and everywhere.
I’m not telling you my apps are perfect in every imaginable way, I’m telling you that they are nearly perfect for me and much more usable that most of the things I know.

At the moment, every other tool is like shit to use when you see what can (and should) be done for stuff to finally become user-friendly (and not developer friendly, business friendly or whatever).
As an user, I don’t give a fuck about the fact your app uses the latest tech: I wan’t it to work; work good; work fast; work forever.

Besides: fuck user-interfaces (UI).
Fuck user-experience (UX).
There is only UF: user-friendlyness, which might be a mix of UI and UX, but is much more than that.

Most designers have become experts into ruining even the easiest concepts of IU/UX. Like scrolling, double clinking, middle-clicking, focusing, hovering… I bet you know several apps of websites that misuse those thing in a way that irritates the hell out of you. I know you know at least some.