The Other North Korea - YouTube

Belle vidéo.

Communism, totalitarinism, dictatoships, fashism… they all come with positives. If they didn’t, they’d never wake it to power. The question is what’s traded in return.
Extremism is the enemy. We give it a bunch of names, put it on a fake spectrum, and rail on each other about how our extremes will be better, but it's all the same thing. Extremism is the enemy.
It doesn’t matter if your extremism is left or right: we all fall towards the same place.

Et la claque finale :

If you take a hard look at western society, it’s falling. After all, why do we hate North Korea? […] They are hated because they don’t care for their citizens, they spurn international laws and create a threatening military that destabilizes the world order. They have a nepotistic isolationist government ruled by paranoid strong man who’s above the law. Their police murder with impunity, they spy on their citizens, have massive prison work camps, follow their leader in a cult like fashion and have substantial levels of citizens living well bellow the poverty line. They enforce this with a massive over-bloated military which they wheeled in the place of international diplomacy. They defy the UN, built nukes they don’t need and cultivate a fear of foreign invasion to sustain their power.

Si vous y voyez le visage de Trump, ce n’est pas un hasard. Celui de Macron, dans une mesure moindre, mais pas moins certaine pour autant, pas un hasard non plus.